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Spiral Cube 


See step-by-step how the sculpture was created.
I hand sketched the design first, then I made cardboard model.
Then I've designed in scale 3D model of the sculpture in Google Sketchup.
I've used terracotta paper clay to build it. The main reason to use mix of clay and paper pulp was the wall thickness.
I've made 1" clay slab that I draw the design on. I've cut the walls and the windows with X-Acto knife  I've carefully joined the separate peaces together using clay slip. Sculpture was left to dry for couple of weeks. It was bisque fired at cone 05 and glazed with the underglazes after. Final firing was done at cone 05.
The dimensions are about 12" x 12" x 12"

360 Gallery

See the sculpture from all sides


Some more details

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